Here is a list of the departments and their work groups potentially relevant to the Artificial Intelligence programme:

Department Computer Science

Department AI in Biomedical Engineering

  • Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab
    Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier, Head of Department
  • Junior Professorship for Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging
    Prof. Dr. Katharina Breininger
  • Junior Professorship for Neuromuscular Physiology and Neural Interfacing
    Prof. Dr. Alessandro Del Vecchio
  • Junior Professorship for Computational Movement Science
    Prof. Dr. Anne Koelewijn
  • Professor für Prozesse am Menschen
    Prof. Dr. Tobias Reichenbach
  • Professor f[r Daten, Sensoren und Ger’te
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Seel
  • Junior Professorship Human-Centered Computing and Extended Reality
    Prof. Dr. Daniel Roth
  • Junior Professorship Artificial Intelligence in Communication Disorders
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Kist