Artificial Intelligence: Making machines think!

The logo of the AI programme upon three pillars labelled 'symbolic AI', 'subsymbolic AI' and 'AI systems & applications', including an FAU logoWelcome!
The international Master’s programme in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is based on a solid foundation and education in the field of Computer Science. Adding another voice to the strong and diverse chorus of AI @ FAU, the programme was created by the departments for Computer Science and AI in Biomedical Engineering (AIBE) and accepted its first crop of students in Summer 2021.

The programme consists of three main pillars:

  1. Symbolic AI
    (AI working with human-understandable symbols. This includes technologies like Expert Systems, Theorem Provers and Logical Calculi.)
  2. Subsymbolic AI
    (AI working below the threshold of what is human-readable. This is where technologies like Deep and Machine Learning live.)
  3. AI Systems and Applications
    (Applying AI knowledge and techniques to solve problems across different industries and disciplines)

The degree course offers a broad variety of topics and specialisations. The wide range of applications and research groups in the department of Computer Science provides broad opportunities for “hands-on” project work and practical sessions. In contrast to Data Science oriented programmes, AI focuses on the constructive modelling and implementation of algorithms, data structures, neural networks and their respective applications.