Applications for WiSe21/22 complete!

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As of today, we are through with the current cohort of applications. The admission commission (ZuKo) finished viewing and comparing all the applications for the AI Master’s Program here at FAU, starting this winter semester.

We have had 1414 applications reach us for the full-time Master’s Program and 38 for the part-time Program. We are very happy with these numbers and hope to see similar results in the future.

Applicants should find an e-mail in their inbox that lets them know if they have been selected or not. If you handed in an application and did not yet receive a response from us please a) check your SPAM folder and b) if that does not yield anything, get in touch with us.

Please also note that the admission commission is not responsible for (or involved at all in) the further admissions process. So if you got selected, please read the e-mail carefully and do not just hit reply for any questions you might have.

We wish all applicants the best for their future academic careers!